Eastern and Latin American Magic Encounter
Eastern and Latin American Magic Encounter


Opening Reception:2016/10/15(SAT) 3pm

Location:Bo Art Gallery ,Taipei

Eastern and Latin American Magic Encounter                              
Exhibition time: October 14 to November 27, 2016
Opening time: October 15, 2016 (Saturday) at 15: 00
Exhibition place: BO ART GALLERY (No. 42-1, Tianmu E. Rd., Taipei City)
Exhibition artists:
Wu Guanzhong, Chang Yu, Chao Wu-Chi, Huang Zhou, and Han Meilin,
Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Rufino Tamayo, Byron Galvez, and Francisco Zuniga
In the wave of "internationalization", many galleries in Taiwan are enthusiastically organizing "Western" art exhibitions. However, most of these exhibitions were only for a few familiar "European and American" painters.  To promote today's increasingly important international "Latin American Art", Taiwan is still relatively unfamiliar.  BO ART GALLERY has always been to help Taiwan and art lovers to explore the art of vision as its mission.  In the continuous efforts of planning, in October this year (2016) it will take "Eastern and Latin American Magic Encounter" as the theme of exhibition, so that people not only enjoy the East Artistic connotation and charm, but also see Latin American art such as rising sun-like enthusiasm and style.   
In this exhibition, BO ART GALLERY with unique thoughts selects five Chinese masters’ works, including Wu Guanzhong returned from the "Journey to the West to learn", Chang Yu who died in Parties after "Expedition to the West”, Zao Wou-Ki who stayed in France to become one of the "Three Musketeers in Paris", Huang Zhou who "based in China", and Han Meilin who “traveled around the world" many times. In the exhibition, we can see Wu Guanzhong’s simple ink sketch lines.  Even there is the unique nude style, which Xu Beihong has joked as “the universe thigh", created by Chang Yu who has the reputation of “Oriental Matisse”, with "Paris School" approach.  Zao Wou-Ki is a poet holding the brush; his art is always a blend of poetry and romance.  He is one of the outstanding Chinese.  Huang Zhou who did not leave from China uses uninhibited lines to outline the national spirit of Xinjiang most vividly. In 2008, China has presented President Ma Ying-jeou with Han Meilin's "Big Color Horse".  In this exhibition, the "color flying" horse works painted by "calligraphy" lines, the indestructible force like silver hook and iron wire-like, are absolutely pieces of fine.
In "Latin American Art", BO ART GALLERY integrates a stunning "Latin American" painting portfolio, based on Mexican painters. The works include Mexican "national spouse treasures": Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo; Rufino Tamayo whom Mexican art recognizes as "an outstanding figure in hundred years", and "Mexico Picasso," Byron Galvez, coupled with Francisco Zuniga, the painter famous for unique style of women character. Rivera is a national hero, known as the father of Mexican art; he is famous for painting the Mexican giant people's livelihood murals. Rivera has been invited to the United States to paint large murals on the latest high-rise - Rockefeller building, and now the value of the mural has more than the whole building. Kahlo became a popular Mexican female artist in the film "Frida", and few people knew that Kahlo's work had been forgotten for three decades after her death. Fortunately, her sister, friends and relatives reserved her works monumentally, so that there is today's glowing "Kahlo Art". Tamayo is a talented painter whose works show traditional themes in modern art. He is good at creating Latin American art with a high degree of color, especially the fiery red, which is definitely the mark of Tamayo's works. Galvez works regardless of color or composition are similar to Picasso, exciting and never tired.  Zuniga's work has a strong Latin American culture essence and spirit; his realistic works can escape the Western realistic line, creating a dazzling Latin American spirit. Ten exhibitors of this exhibition are “master” artists.  Oriental “charm” and Latin American "spirit" together is absolutely a rare "Magic Encounter".