Ink Painting Masters’ Exhibition
Ink Painting Masters’ Exhibition


Opening Reception:2016/01/17(Sun) 15:00

Location:Bo Art Gallery ,Taipei

There is three-thousand-year long history of Chinese ink painting, but with different times and fields, it shows a slight change.  BO ART GALLERY is going to present an “Ink Painting Masters’ Exhibition” prior to 2016 Chinese New Year.  Since these ink painting masters were born in Taiwan in 1945 after World War II, they faced with the prevailing social structure, economic conditions, and human environment in Taiwan, often pondering and pulling between innovation and tradition in Eastern and Western paintings; and also because artists’ enthusiasm and efforts, they create a significant history of Taiwan modern ink painting. From Chen Chao-Pao’s works, not only we can see Confucian mean and subtlety, and traditional ink painting lines and strokes, but also the shadow of Western paintings, as well as personal exaggerative, distorted and casual style. The works of Chiang Chien-Fei, Chou Cheng, Huang Tsai-Sung, Hsiao Chin-Hsing, and Lin Chang-Hu, bring viewers a glimpse of subtle changes with context of landscape painting school under different birth backgrounds; as for the Chinese elaborate-style paintings are famous for rigorous techniques system.