Spring Breeze。Autumn Leaf
Spring Breeze。Autumn Leaf

Date:2015/12/17 (Thu) ~2016/01/10 (Sun)

Opening Reception:2015/12/19 (Sat) 15:00

Location:Bo Art Gallery ,Taipei

Larry Liu was born in 1950 in Tianjin, moving to Los Angeles, the United States in 1991 to begin his career in oil painting. At same time, he walked in the scenery around the world, experiencing numerous unique local humanistic landscape and human recollections. In his painting, not only his unstrained and skillful techniques can be seen, gazing Larry Liu’s creation is just like to enjoy a narrative film.   In the back of his composition and lighting changes, always reveals care and deep sense of intimacy to the local characters and backgrounds, guiding us back to the harmony between man and nature and reverence for life and love.
Pang Yen Chou graduated from the University of San Francisco in 2002, living in a pleasant climate in California.  As California seasons change obviously, with magnificent landscapes, and thus in his paintings, the intimate interaction produced by natural scenery, such as blue sky, sea and sunshine and local architectural scene are always visible. By the texture, details of his strokes and use of color, you can feel the way of California natives to the nature from his creation.  He uses a variety of different mediums such as squeezes, fingers, twigs to add the texture of the screen, presenting the lively scenery in front of the viewers.