Lin Wan-Shih Solo Exhibition
Lin Wan-Shih Solo Exhibition


Opening Reception:2015/09/26(SAT) 15:00

Location:Bo Art Gallery ,Taipei

As artist Lin Wan-Shih was influenced by the free spirit and a profound learning environment of Goldsmiths, University of London when he studied abroad, he goes deep into the quiet and silent world and brings spirit of which on the inspiration for creative work. In the “Nihilography” Solo Exhibition held by Bo Arts Gallery, he will use simplified, cold and rational tone to present the exploration of emotion, time and memory.
How time and memory flow? What the look of their flowing track will be? “Nihilography”, this special work combined English and Latin tells life is the sum of a series of “waiting and nothingness”. Unlike “analog reproduction” in the traditional painting, Lin, Wan-Shih takes the state of nature as a copy, through replacement and the presence of physical elements to simplify by elimination as the spiritual landscape found by him. With application and liner intention of brushes, special brushes production and delicate adjustment of hand movement shape the natural scenery into simple poetic mood, so that the viewers expose to the universe container to form a nether atmosphere.  Even staying in noisy environment, gazing into his work, our mood will turn clean and clear.