Ways of Seeing - Kuo bor-jou and Wei Min, LIN Duo Solo Exhibition
Ways of Seeing - Kuo bor-jou and Wei Min, LIN Duo Solo Exhibition


Opening Reception:2015/08/22(Sat) PM 3:00

Location:Bo Art Gallery ,Taipei

Bo Art Gallery is honored to invite two artists Kuo Po-Chou, and Lin Wei-Min, who are same to show inner spirit and purity through abstraction, at the art exhibition – “Contemplation” Double Individual Exhibition.
Artist Kuo, Po-Chou applies pluralistic artistic expression for years, through love of Taiwan, and ideas to travel the world, trying to pass the traditional and modern contingency, and Eastern and Western dialogues.  He arbitrarily uses Montage strategies to introduce the fragments of life or material objects into his works, re-assembling and collaging from images of different space-time background, so that the screen is full of humorous and rich beauty of stacked image, and has whimsical imagination, showing a poetic imagery.
Artist Lin, Wei-Min was born in the 1950s; his works often surround the issue of changing times, such as the "World Market" series of works by paintings and the eye view presenting modern "mobile phone overuse".  As the previous generation, and at the times alert with regret and distance, through the means of painting in a very romantic and sensual language and beautiful gesture, he repairs the passage of memory in the sudden change of time, and through a variety of experimental composite elements, which make the most sincere expression in his works expression that beautiful but conflicting color shock our visual experience.