Fantasy Traingle
Fantasy Traingle


Opening Reception:2015/7/25(SAT) 15:00


Through the door leading to the bizarre world, shaking and rafting on earth, experience countless grotesque and variegated colors, like dream and like strange ballads and verses that are the process and results no one can imagine; but everyone has imagined, if decomposes the space, trying to break the barriers of space, into a fantasy kingdom of practical experience, you will experience adventures and create the legend, and then back to reality and familiar origin.  Everything seems to be no change, but the change may have already been deepened in the heart. The Delta Singular, three exhibition held by Bo Art Gallery this time brings full of fantasy works of tree young artists, Huang Cheng-Yao, Chen Hung-Chun, Chen Ke-Wei for viewers to revisit the old territory!


Huang Cheng-Yao


Huang Cheng-Yao’s fan territory series is inspired by the creator after inadvertently tipping coffee, with the image by dried coffee residues began to think, showing the gradient change from abstract to concrete styles, and gradually developed a specific style of painting.  He does not imagine the final result before drawing, then by unshaped and free image to give meaning to the image.  It is like walking in a maze to freely explore each unknown road, sometimes the scenery, sometimes the process of biological evolution, even showing a freak-like state, etc., and slowly accumulated into a “San Hai Jing”-like strange territory.


Chen Hung-Chun


Exploring the macros doctrine of the universe, Chen Hung-Chun transformed the “dimension”, which cannot be imagined, but exists only in imagination field, through “Physics”, this very rational field, into painting creation.  Heading two different levels of dimension, the basic structure of macroscopic outside world, and the way of micro heart to shape self-awareness; he performed the “invisible presence” only, which can not be said, through paint by  stacking, wearing out, tracks and mood left on the canvas, so that the painting can show their existence.


Chen Ke-Wei


Chen Ke-Wei took pure girl with flowers to symbolize the good of life.  However, the picture is dream-like. In the hazy, the drooping flowers and silent girl seem to add a touch of bitterness and sorrow in sweet. “Life is not necessary perfect, but there still are many good things we should cherish.”  Themes full of different fantasy and cross-processing among multiple techniques let his works show not only magnificent and beautiful quality, but also hazy and dreamy visual style.


The three artists mentioned above will at Bo Art Gallery bring us to embark on the unknown, strange and fantasy land!