《NTNU·Masters》Art Exhibition: Su Hsien Fa.Huang Chin-Lung.Chu Yu Yi
《NTNU·Masters》Art Exhibition: Su Hsien Fa.Huang Chin-Lung.Chu Yu Yi

Date:2015/05/29 (Fri)~06/21(Sun)

Opening Reception:05/30(SAT)下午3:00

Location:博藝畫廊 台北

BO ART GALLERY planned the “NTNU·Masters” Art Exhibition, inviting such three unique-style artists as Su, Hsien-Fa, Huang, Chin-Lung, Chu, You-Yi.  
All the three artists have served as important positions in National Taiwan Normal University, being mentors to contribute themselves in teaching students.
They also have a high reputation in the Taiwanese art field, whether in industry, government and academia, all playing an important promoter.
Three masters are generally respected by their arts and achievements.  Their road of art is like a multicolored sky, bright and ambitious.

Su, Hsien-Fa/His creation does not rigidly adhere to the style, but is free access between the scenery and the lyrical. 
He believes that art should be a kind of presentation by the findings and thoughts mixed and sensed against external things from his heart. 
He has traveled to many countries in the world, and all of his creations are personally seen from the scene. If say the creation is the artist’s interpretation of the outside world,
better to say in this creation, the view can have a glimpse of the world of Su, Hsien-Fa’s mind.

Huang, Chin-Lung/Tries to combine the “vitality” of both the nature and  traditional culture, unlike the leaving blank form in traditional ink painting,
and different from objective reproduction of real scene. In the translation between the 2-D plane and the 3-D space,
simple gray clouds, and the nothingness and eternity filled in the world construct innovative contemporary oriental aesthetics,
by means of persevering, brilliant and simple Yushan Single-seed Juniper, rhododendron and wild lily.

Chu, You-Yi/Through fine care and records, with realistic and meticulous technique, shows the deep meditation on life.
What he conveyed is a poetic tone set in life, walking briskly contemporary stylish building space, translate such phenomena as wild,
weird, and bizarre behavior scenes staged in the limited reality into ambiguous, absurd and genuinely interesting painting vocabularies.