《Youth Ridge Stride toward Freedom》Eight Artists Joint Exhibition
《Youth Ridge Stride toward Freedom》Eight Artists Joint Exhibition

Date:2015/03/27 (Fri)~04/21(Tue)

Opening Reception:03/28(SAT)下午3:00

Location:博藝畫廊 台北

In the Young Art Taipei, BO ART GALLERY provides the theme, "Youth Ridge Stride Toward Freedom" to present eight new artists with unique style:  Wang, Chih-Pin, Hsieh, Mu-Chi, Fan, Tzu-Hsiang, Chen, Yen-Ju, Lee, Chia-Jui, Chung, Ho-Hsien, Lin, Ying-Tsung, and Hsu, Shu-Kui to  join the exhibition; their "unlimited youth and invincible creation" of the creative spirit show a new wave of contemporary art creation.  Eight artists have their own characteristics in creation; Wang, Chih-Pin portrays his profound experience with refined technique; his works have both beauty performance and historical significance, creating a unique picture.  Hsieh, Mu-Chi repeats his aiming motion for correction in his creation, continuing to pull with himself in the frame to choose composition, color and lines and other elements, deriving from a relationship between the painter and the object to be painted by different control modes.  Lee, Chia-Jui , Fan, Tzu-Hsiang with his own observation, no right and wrong , no subjective and objective vision, faithfully presents the fragments and trajectories of era cities, showing the operating mode of modern society explicitly or implicitly.  Chen, Yen-Ju’s works are very flat and very solid, very symbolic and picturing, virtual but also real, being presented in ambiguousness and cycling and wandering between readable and unreadable; in fact, the trace is his own shadow.  Chung, Ho-Hsien uses 3D computer images to “virtually” create fossil, metallic skeleton structure and mechanical models, in the form through image output or profile files, building the path linked with the viewers’ perception, into the shaping of personal qualities.  Lin, Ying-Tsung’s delicate strokes show the fantasy and dream like creation, burying surreal symbols in a realistic scenario; what things are symbols and what things are metaphors, and what things are his dreams?  Hsu, Shu-Kui digs creative performance from his heart, driving the pictures by subconscious to produce the dreamlike surreality, to notice the world turns barren due to humans and the biological counterattack will turn nightmares into reality. The eight artists will be on the platform of Young Art Taipei, together with BO ART GALLERY to play great performance of art.