《Happy Journey of Artsv》Three Exhibition Artists:Chang Yun-Ming、Hsu Ming-Feng、 Hong Zhao-P
《Happy Journey of Artsv》Three Exhibition Artists:Chang Yun-Ming、Hsu Ming-Feng、 Hong Zhao-P

Date:2015/03/01 (SUN)~03/24(TUE)

Opening Reception:03/07(SAT)下午3:00

Location:博藝畫廊 台北

Walkers step on a steady pace, on an unknown road to pursue their own search.  On the journey, they meet and subvert the changing views what they saw and heard, and then leap, only after leap, they can comprehend originally clean and smooth is the way of happy. What’s the difference between the road of art and the process of travelling?  To find artists themselves in the creative process, the more profound chase the more lonely; after some back and forth, they just feel the lonely mood is natural and clean; learn to listen to yourself, and learn to be cool and calm in a variety of choice, so that they will be able to travel freely on the road of arts.

Bo Art Gallery in “Happy Journey of Arts” joint exhibition invites three artists Chang Yun-Ming, Hsu Ming-Feng, and Hung Chao-Ping, who are on the same road of artistic creation, but their styles are unique respectively.  Artist Chang Yun-Ming’s unrestrained brush and strong colors strike both abstract and harmonious picture; his creation is impressionistic and elegant like poems, and rich rhythm like songs, showing his unrestrained freedom in the creative process. Artist Hsu Ming-Feng’s creation is from real scene to heart image, by oriental ink creation integrated into different experimental materials of the west, trying to subvert the traditional oriental ink performance, with both ethereal and quiet. Artist Hung Chao-Ping’s works reveal a sense of caring for his hometown, with the use of rich colors, ever changing, and by unique brush to present the world of his heart with sound and progressive plain style. Bo Art Gallery invites the three artists, looking forward to their mood and pace of creation can lead Bo Art Gallery to find exclusive road of arts.