《Leadersheeps artwork exhibion》
《Leadersheeps artwork exhibion》

Date:2015/01/23 (FRI)~02/15(SUN)

Opening Reception:01/24(SAT)下午3:00

Location:博藝畫廊 台北

BO ART GALLERY is going to hold an exhibition named “Bellwether” in the beginning of 2015. Bellwether, as the word suggests, is a leader among the flock with the most potential and influence, which is applicable to art.  Therefore, BO ART GALLERY takes Bellwether Delicate Creation Exhibition” to welcome the coming of Lunar New Year.  We particularly invited seventeen outstanding artists including Chang, Jung-Kai, Yu, Ting-Yen, Chen, Chieh-Chiang, Hsiao, Chu-Fang, Chen, Yiu-Yu, Wang, Po-Cheng, Mo, Po-Ya, Wu, Tsui-Ling, Fan, Tzu-Ling, Lee, Chia-Jui, Chen, Yi-Jun, Chen, Ke-Wei, Chen, Yeh-Ju, Chuang, Kai-Ping, Lin, Ying-Tsung, Chen, Pin-Han, and Hsu, Shu-Kui presenting their small works for a joint exhibition. It is expected to bring out the diverse thinking and creativity, using unlimited artistic imagination to present their experience and aesthetic feeling in life, and their works could infuse new vitality into contemporary art, like a bellwether arising ever-flowing fluctuations and ripples in the vast Asian art torrent in the future.
“Bellwether Delicate Creation Exhibition” with the subject of New Art leads us to an unpredictable visual journey in the small and lovely creation. You need bring your curiosity without preset only to feel the creative vitality of Taiwan’s New Art and fun of diverse thinking, and experience every surprise in the gallery space.