《Different Ways --Three Artists Joint Exhibition 》Artists:Wang Chih-Pin、Hsieh Mu-Chi、Kent
《Different Ways --Three Artists Joint Exhibition 》Artists:Wang Chih-Pin、Hsieh Mu-Chi、Kent

Date:2014/10/23 (THU)~11/18(TUE)

Opening Reception:10/25(SAT)下午3:00

Location:Bo Art Gallery - No.42-1,Tianmu E.Rd.,Shilin Dist.,Taipei City 111,Taiwan(R.O.C)

The one sided meaning of Different Ways refer to different roads. From a different viewing angle, it will produce diverse interpretations. For the artists who also engaged in art may be via a different course, and a different sort of understanding in their creation, and strive to achieve their creative ideal, so each artist in his creation of life, naturally will be towards their different path. Even with an artist in a different time, his viewing angle and way of the world is likely to have differences, resulting in a variety of different ideas of mind outside the reality.  Take concise but all-inclusive "different ways", the homonymic "art road" (“Yilu” in Chinese pronunciation), expressing intricate imagination and link between the two.