《Ku Ying-Qing "Spiritual Rapture and Flow" Ink Painting Solo Exhibition》
《Ku Ying-Qing "Spiritual Rapture and Flow" Ink Painting Solo Exhibition》

Date:2014/08/28 (THU)~09/21(SUN)

Opening Reception:08/02(SAT)下午3:00

Location:Bo Art Gallery

"Spiritual Rapture and Flow" Ink Painting Solo Exhibition is a collection exhibition where the works are collected by Mr. Lu Hsing-Lin of Bo Art Gallery more than twenty years. Viewed by works, Ku Ying-Qing’s creation in his youth is still full of strong creativity; in particular, shaping the image of women, he subtly and delicately expresses the beauty of the soul of traditional oriental culture, but also reflects the female desire for spiritual release, and the state of flow and rapture on contemporary figures.
After graduating from China Academy of Art, Ku Ying-Qing focuses on the creation of portraits.  First, he uses “Ancient Goddess”, such a common national legends and memories to create a utopian oriental spiritual world; and then uses “Frontier Woman” to implement the people’s life experiences and the characterization of national identity; and the followed  “Urban Woman” boldly reveals the truth and beauty of human nature, and also reflects that the painter stays in the contemporary living space and is seeking to construct an ideal world like the Garden of Eden in order to create and reconstruct the context of the human spirit.