《Graceful and Flourishing》 Pai Feng-Chung Color Ink Creation Exhibition
《Graceful and Flourishing》 Pai Feng-Chung Color Ink Creation Exhibition


Opening Reception:08/02(SAT)下午3:00

Location:博藝畫廊 台北

Bai Feng-chung

Bai Feng-chung had already been imitating hundreds of paintings by the renowned masters from Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties at Taipei National Palace Museum 30 years ago.
These past 10 years Mr. Bai went to Beijing to re-study gong-bi, bird and flower style at China Central Academy of Fine Arts; also researched the art of Dunhung, its mysterious, unique, folk art and detailed opulent colors; and wuca at Wan li period of Ming dynasty, famille rose porcelains of Qing dynasty…etc. His ideal is to understand and delve into the traditional ancient arts as a method to create new innovations. But most precious and profound influences in his art life are 3 years of studying horticulture at high school, planting vegetation made him consciously became aware of the abundant colors around him, eventually led to the success of creating the subject of flowers.
His paintings have the contemporary composition and modern coloration, with the essence of traditional brush strokes; whether in polychrome chinese painting, oil painting or painting on porcelain, all has his own unique quality.