Jerry Stone
 a Taiwanese artist, was born in Neihu (內湖),
Taipei, 1953. For decades,
he kept his passion in oil painting creation.
People can find Van Gogh in his paintings,
full of burning enthusiasm of artist’s life; or Matisse,
unrestrained expression after color and space breakthroughs.
Learning with renowned older-generation artists Guo Daozheng (郭道政) and Jiang Ruikeng (蔣瑞坑) in his early years, Jerry gets instructions from Zhang Yixiong (張義雄) , Liao Te Cheng (廖德政) and Max Liu (劉其偉) over time. Jerry has held 10 more solo exhibitions and obtained public favorites.
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Consultant Sue (蘇), the founding curator of Taipei Fine Arts Museum (台北市美術館創館館長), comments that "His paintings are with collecting values.”
Chairman Lin (林) of Evergreen Shipping Agency (Japan) Co. proclaims that, "I hung Jerry’s paintings in my U.S. home.”
General manager Chiu (邱) of China Transpower Co. says that "I met Jerry at A.C.C. in 2005, so that has the honor to collect his paintings."
Former Taipei City Council Speaker Chen (陳) proudly said that "Jerry Stone is a contemporary artist from our hometown, Neihu. He has also been my good friend for decades."
Jerry loves classical music, and he perceives painting as heavenly granted missions to complete. Therefore, his painting reveals confident and persistent spirits: direct painting without sketching, showing strong clean brushes, variable musical touches, and free blank canvas strokes. Characteristics thus includes swaying images of light and shadow romantically; refreshing unrestricted air spaces; swinging music rhythms to and fro naturally in his paintings.
畫家  簡歷
•       2013年台北市美僑協會(ACC) 個展。
•       2012年台北市美僑協會(ACC) 個展。
•       2011年台北之家《花之饗宴》個展。
•       2009年台北世貿博覽會參展。
•       2005年台北市美僑協會(ACC) 個展。
•       2003年年華國洲際飯店《懷舊與新生》個展。
•       2001年台北市美僑協會(ACC) 個展。
•       2000年台北世貿聯誼社 個展。
•       1999年華國洲際飯店《風華再現》個展。
•       1998台北亞太飯店 個展。
•       1997作品入選法國春季沙龍。
Jerry Stone 35x27cm NTD 30,000
Jerry Stone 41x31.5cm NTD 36,000
Jerry Stone 60.5x53cm NTD 72,000
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