Lin Wan-Shih
In artistic creation, through the philosophical-level expression, shapes poetic and simple situations, and through shape conversion, the brushing and layout create a pure realm seems in a space seemed to be absent.  With contemporary post-minimalist art style into the memories of seaside home, the art of simplicity shows the spiritual energy, scouring the heavy with grief and creating new visual image of the coast.
Recent Awards
1.China Guilin (Yu Zhi Paradise) – Accredited artist of the 6th International Art Creation Camp in 2010
2.A selection of 2007 4th Huilan International Accredited Artists Creation Camp -
3.Qualified selection of accredited artists in 2003 Council for Cultural Planning International Art Village -

Lin Wan-shih     
1964   Born in Yilan, Taiwan
1987   Received BA degree of Fine Arts from Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
1997   Received MA degree of Visual Arts from Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK
           Now, works and lives in Yilan, Taiwan
Selected Solo Exhibitions
2015   NIHILOGRAPHY (Bo Art Gallery/Taipei) 
2014   Art Solo Taipei 2014 (Bo Art Gallery/Taipei) 
2012   Lin Wan-Shih Solo Exhibition  (3 Talents Art Gallery/Taichung)
2011   Waiting for Godot  (La Chambre Art Gallery/Taipei)
2010   Nihilography : Form Times, Space and Memory  (MOA Arts Gallery/Taipei)
2008   Floating/Moving/Flowing/Shadowing  (Art Center of the Pacific Cultural Foundation/Taipei)
2006  Shimmering Phantom  (Art Center of National Yulin University of Science and Technology/Yulin) 
2004  The Difference from Time  (Yilan County Cultural Affairs Bureau/Yilan)
2002  Diving from Nihilography  (Art Center of the Pacific Cultural Foundation/Taipei)
Selected Group Exhibitions
2015   Chinese Word Power (Chinese Foundation For Digitization Technology,Bo Art Gallery/Taipei)
2015   Art Taipei  2015(Bo Art Gallery/Taipei)
2013   Lofty Spring  (Loftyart Gallery/Taipei)
2013   Universe × Infinity  (Bo Art Gallery/Taipei)
2012   The 11th ATTIST Fair (AVAT/Taichung, Taipei)
2010   Cityscape as Mirage: 2010 Yuzi Paradise Art Symposium Exhibition  (Yue Hu Museum of Art/Shanghai)
2009   Exchange Exhibition of Fine arts of Sino-Korean  ( National Taiwan Arts Education Center/Taipei)
2008   Seasoned by Generations  (National Taiwan University of Arts/Taipei)
           Seasoned by Generations  (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi/Tainan)
2006   The Exhibition for the Opening from the Formosa Highway (Yilan)
           Taiwan Art Fair  (Huashan Creative Park/Taipei)
2004   The 3rd Penghu International Land Art Festival (Penghu)
2003   Yilan International Folks Festival  (Yilan)
2002   The 2rd Penghu International Land Art Festival (Penghu)
2001   The Three  (Fan Art Gallery/Tainan)
            Exhibition of Chimei Arts Training Prize  (Taipei Fine arts Museum/Taipei)
1999   New Painting  (Fan Art Gallery/Tainan)
1997   The Similarity and the Difference  (Art House/London, UK)
           The 4th World Art Network  (St. Peter Church/London, UK)
1995   The Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Taiwan  (The Chinese Cultural Center/New York, USA)
           The Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Taiwan  (Kaohsiung Fine Arts Museum/Kaohsiung)
Lin Wan-Shih 62x62cm NTD 81,000
Lin Wan-Shih 120x120cm Private Collection
Lin Wan-Shih 60x60cm NTD 81,000
Lin Wan-Shih 60x60cm NTD 81,000
Lin Wan-Shih 48x48cm NTD 51,750
The morning of Light
The morning of Light
Lin Wan-Shih 240x200cm NTD 1,080,000
Reflection of Light
Reflection of Light
Lin Wan-Shih 140x140cm NTD 441,000
Moon Lake
Moon Lake
Lin Wan-Shih 200x140cm Private Collection
Lin Wan-Shih 240x90cm NTD 486,000
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