Chen Ko-Wel
Chen Ke-Wei took pure girl with flowers to symbolize the good of life.  However, the picture is dream-like. In the hazy, the drooping flowers and silent girl seem to add a touch of bitterness and sorrow in sweet. “Life is not necessary perfect, but there still are many good things we should cherish.”  Themes full of different fantasy and cross-processing among multiple techniques let his works show not only magnificent and beautiful quality, but also hazy and dreamy visual style.

2006-2010 Huafan University-Department of Fine Arts
2003-2006 Kang-Ning Junior College of Medical Care and Management-visual communication
1999-2002 New Taipei Municipal Yingge Vocational High School-Art And Craft Division

2012「LI Chien-Chung Multivariate Techniques Arts Award」First Prize,Lee gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
2010 「Hotel Chateau de Chine exterior painting creative Awards」First Prize,Chateau de Chine Hotel,Hualien,Taiwan
2008 「National Student Picture Book Arts Award」First Prize,National Taiwan Atrs Education Center,Taipei,Taiwan
【Solo Exhibitions】
2002「My World My Love」Yingge Vocational High School Art Center,Yingge, Taiwan
【Group Exhibitions】
「2015 ART KAOHSIUNG」City Suite Kaohsiung Chenai,Kaohsiung,Taiwan
「NEW CITY ART FAIR TAIPEI」Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Warehouse 1,Taipei,Taiwan
「2015 Art Taipei」Taipei World Trade CenTer,Taipei,Taiwan
「Mr. Chen Trio」TSAI GALLERY,Changhua,Taiwan
「Young Art Kaohsiung 2015」The Pier-2 Art Center B3+B4:B34,Kaohsiung,Taiwan
「2015New Art Wave Expo」Hall D Cotai Expo Venetian Macao,Macao
「Fantasy Traingle」BO Art Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「Post-Boyhood Part II」Industrial Bank of Taiwan gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「Bellwether Pieces Art Exhibition」BO Art Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「Look。Small!What’s in miniature?」Mini Exhibition SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI A9,Taipei,Taiwan
「2014 ART KAOHSIUNG」Chateau de Chine Hotel,Kaohsiung,Taiwan
「Take a deep breath」The Red House lobby  Healing Art Exhibition,Taipei,Taiwan
「Art Future 2014 (Zhongshan) First International Youth Art Fair」Zhongshan Expo Center,Guangdong,China
「2014 Art Taipei」Taipei World Trade CenTer,Taipei,Taiwan
「4th Exhibilion of next generation of Artists Superstars」CANS Tea & Book House,Taipei,Taiwan
「Flowing shimmering - The Deep Conscious of secret image」Public welfare Group Exhibition,Lee gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「Wauer」Industrial Bank of Taiwan gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「ART TAINAN 2014」Tayih Landis Hotel,Tainan,Taiwan
「Unhurried Rhythm」BO Art Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「Half alive love!- You Should Try!」A8 Café & gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「2013 Art Taipei」Taipei World Trade CenTer,Taipei,Taiwan
「To Be Continued…」,YAMI ART SPACE,Taichung,Taiwan
「2013 ART KAOHSIUNG」Chateau de Chine Hotel,Kaohsiung,Taiwan
「2013 CitizenArtShanghai」Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel,Shanghai,China
「My Favorites」Public welfare Group Exhibition,Lee gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「ART TAINAN 2013」Tayih Landis Hotel,Tainan,Taiwan
「LI Chien-Chung Multivariate Techniques Arts Award」Lee gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「2012 Art Taipei 」Taipei World Trade CenTer,Taipei,Taiwan
「Dear,I'm Not Sure Yet.」,Keelung City Culture Affairs Bureau,Keelung City,Taiwan
「Post-Boyhood」,Minghsin University Art Center,Hsin-Chu County,Taiwan
「ART TAINAN 2012」Tayih Landis Hotel,Tainan,Taiwan
「Taiwan Artists Exhibition」SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI,Tainan,Taiwan
「GEISAI TAIWAN 3」,Huashan1914,Taipei,Taiwan
「Project One Young Art Exhibition—Fantasy Suite No.」Licence Art Gallery,Tainan,Taiwan
「Project One Young Art Exhibition—Fantasy Suite No.」Lee gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「2011Art Taipei 」Taipei World Trade CenTer,Taipei,Taiwan
「Young Art Taipei 2011」Sunworld Dynasty Hotel,Taipei,Taiwan
「NO.1 Project One-Young Artists Exhibition」Lee gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「Chen Ko-Wei X Ross Lin  Youth Solo Exhibition」The Shu's Pottery,Yingge,Taiwan
「M.I.T.–Make In Terrene」Wuxinchi Art Group Exhibition,HuanFan University Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「i.t  My title - International Exhibition rookie」King Car Art Center,Taipei,Taiwan
「GEISAI TAIWAN 2」,Huashan1914,Taipei,Taiwan
「2010 Art Taipei」Taipei World Trade CenTer,Taipei,Taiwan
「Symphonic Art Dreams」X Power Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「Next Generation」Taipei Spot,Taipei,Taiwan
「Wuxinchi - See bombing spring」Wuxinchi Art Group Exhibition,HuanFan University Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「Dalun College of Art and Design Exhibition」Lutheran Citizens Hall,Taipei,Taiwan
「2009 Illustration Young Art Exhibition」HuanFan University Gallery & Tamsui Red House Art Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
「Dalun new art Exhibition」Xindian Land Office,New Taipei City Government NO.8Of Action Art Gallery,Taipei,Taiwan
Chen Ko-Wel 60x60cm Private Collection
Funeral flowers
Funeral flowers
Chen Ko-Wel 35x27cm Private Collection
Everything is the best arrangement
Everything is the best arrangement
Chen Ko-Wel 72.5x60.5㎝ Private Collection
After Dark
After Dark
Chen Ko-Wel 116.5x80㎝ Private Collection
Huanhuo Melody
Huanhuo Melody
Chen Ko-Wel 150x72.5cm NTD 108,000
Early Sheng
Early Sheng
Chen Ko-Wel 27×22cm Private Collection
Borne fruit 2
Borne fruit 2
Chen Ko-Wel 27×22cm NTD 7,500
Suspect Forgotten Land
Suspect Forgotten Land
Chen Ko-Wel 27x22cm NTD 7,500
Suspect Forgotten Land 2
Suspect Forgotten Land 2
Chen Ko-Wel 27x22cm NTD 7,500
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